If you have any questions about our small groups or would like to know more information about any of the groups, feel free to contact the church office at 217-566-3381.



This group is led by Mark Shelby at 9:15 AM (during the Sunday School hour). They meet upstairs in the church. 
If you are interested in attending this study, please let Mark or Julie Shelby know so that we may plan accordingly. 


This group is led by Loren Crowe and meets at 6:00 PM at Gary & Margaret Stroisch’s home (118 W. Jones, Williamsville). 


 This group is led by Gary meets at 6:00 at Gary Turnbull’s home.  
 If you are interested in joining, contact Gary at 217-416-0278. 


This group led by Clint meets at 6:30 PM at Clint & Jennifer Warnisher’s home (10499 Noonan Rd, Athens). 
If you are interested in joining, contact Clint at 217-691-6364. 



This group meets on Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM. 
If you are interested, call Lois Thompson at 217-891-4890 to find out whose house they are meeting at. 


This group is led by Pastor Dave and meets at 6 pm at the home of Keith & Libby Miller’s (3977 Dinius Rd, 217-622-3234). 
If interested in joining this group please talk with Dave!