men's night out

Men’s Night Out

On the third Monday of each month the guys pick a restaurant, normally in Springfield to go to and have a great time.  This is always a great chance to join the men of the church for an enjoyable evening & to even bring a friend along. The food is always great, but the laughter is even better. It’s not about the food (that is a good part), but it’s about the fellowship. And don’t worry men–what is said at Men’s Night Out stays at Men’s Night Out!!! The Next Men’s Night Out will be October 16th, at Outback Steakhouse. If you would like to ride in the van or carpool meet at the church by 5:30.


“As Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.”- Proverbs 27:17
Iron Sharpens Iron is a One-Day men’s conference designed to build up and equip you, your men, and your leaders. Each year in various strategic locations across the nation, hundreds of local churches send thousands of men to this first-class equipping conference. We bring in the best of the best in ministry to men and off a variety of seminars that are uniquely specific to men.
The ISI conferences are for men of all ages: Emerging Men (13-19), Pioneering Men (20-29) Full Throttle Men (30-55) and Seasoned Men (55+). This one-day event provides more than exhortation. The format is specifically geared to arm men for Christ-centered living and on-going discipleship. They also seek to arm you, the pastor or men’s ministry leader, to better serve, equip, and disciple your men.